As much as this pains us to say, after 4 consecutive years of successful trading, of discovering and implementing new technologies and supporting individuals & global entities, we as the board of directors have made the decision to cease trading.

We have worked with our hosting customers in order to migrate all of their services over to partnered hosting entities. As for our IT Consultancy customers we have arranged, or are in the final stages of arranging for some, new contracts for some members of the team to work with them as sole traders.

It is a real shame to have to say that you "simply give up" on your ventures. Something that you had dreamed would flourish into something amazing, we blossomed but just did not get to the point at which we wanted to be and no longer had the chance to dedicate time to running a viable business anymore without compromising our service which could not happen.

To our valued cusotmers, investors, friends & family we apologise for not acting sooner and resolving our differences, however we do hope to see you in the future, just not as ExnnTech.

Thank you,

Kind Regards,

For one last time, The ExnnTech Team.

Joshua Purcell


Conner Turner


Joshua Meade